AEA Our Short Story

       A muse called misfortune and our love for all things vintage put us on our artistic path.  I am a self taught artist, Candyce,  and so is Jill, my daughter, business partner and bff.  Since 2007 we've traveled the country together showing our creations from New York to California, Florida to Arizona, and most states in between, we've been there and done that show!  Jill had her two children during this time and  it has been both a rewarding and challenging  journey.  Despite what show promoters and mother nature threw at us,  bad locations,  torrential downpours,  tornadoes, hail, sand storms and mountain snow, the shows went on!  It was only the awesome people that came into our booth that kept us motivated to keep creating!  It has been very gratifying  to see people appreciate our work and we sincerely thank those who wear our pieces and have supported us for the past 12 years.   To  those that might find something here on our new website, thank you also, may your steps be blessed with health and happiness, our prayer for anyone who wears our pieces.   
   These days we are staying closer to home and Jill will be taking over the shows due to my diagnosis in 2016.  After much research I chose to heal holistically, keeping my hair and body parts.  Three and a half years later I have no regrets about saying no thanks to the traditional protocols that kill more people than the disease itself.   For information in regards to healing naturally visit and  
    Our experiences have taught us to be thankful for both the good and the bad that life brings.  That with  even a little faith God can turn what was meant for bad into something good.  A little worn and repurposed like the pieces we create, we are definitely Altered Ever After and hopefully better for it.   

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