tHe ArT oF RE-iNVenTioN 

Artwork created by Jill Kerns and Candyce Richards.


A Little

Repurposed Pocket Watch embellished with sterling flower...jk

No. 9 Assemblage...jk


Shifty Man...jk

Repurposed Typewriter Bracelets...jk

Wash Woman

Tax Man...jk

Etched and Soldered Metal

Vintage Elements...jk

Wrapped Dragonfly Pocket Watch...jk

Vintage Collaged Pocket Watch...jk

Vintage cameo repurposed into a Victorian Goth cuff...jk

Repurposed Ring JIll created from a vintage typewriter's ruler and vintage watch parts.

Queen Of The

Dfly Window started from a piece of leftover soldered

Inspired by Game of Thrones created with etched and hot stamped soldered

Jill named this piece Sansa Stark, created froma vintage watch drum, rhinestones and a Christmas tree

Yes we really make it.

Kitchen Sink Cuff...Repurposed typewriter key, compass, gears, everything but...jk

Handle on Time, an ironic creation for Jill to make.

Gear Collar...jk

Bezel created by Candyce for vintage watch movement..

Adelle created with vintage watch movements...jk

Vintage hardware and hand made soldered

Kitchen Sink Cuff...jk

Tin Woman, our collaboration! Candyce creates the body and heart then Jill whips it all together using a vintage radio tube. Whip not included.

A Vintage drapery pin and rusty key repurposed by jk

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